Clean Power from Dirt

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology is long proven, with the first commercial plant dating back to 1904. And our own ORC technology creates zero emissions heat-to-power from industrial and agricultural waste heat. Yet that’s not all. We’ve now found a way to generate clean, constant energy from the ground itself.

Our Smart Heat Unit or SHUBox makes this happen. When installed on-site then connected to ground-source heat probes and a regular heat pump system, it offers world-leading benefits. Our disruptive installation generates continual green power using exceptionally low temperatures and uniquely shallow depth.

Proven Science and Technology

ReGen, our sister company, has carried out eight years of intensive technological research and development. We work alongside respected, established German engineering and industrial heat specialist Meckler GmbH which has delivered industry-leading solutions for more than 65 years.

The SHUBox has therefore been designed, built and extensively tested in Germany to the highest standard. We’ve also received ongoing and invaluable academic support along with input from top European engineering and industrial companies.

The Age of the Heat Farm

From 100KW per module to heat farms of 1-10 MW, our technology is scalable. Our heat farms will make clean energy from heat, just as solar farms use sunlight and wind farms use wind. Yet we have a competitive advantage.

This is heat-agnostic technology. The SHUBox can use any heat source to create power – think industrial furnace, biomass plant or geothermal site for starters – as long as the heat source is active. By placing the SHUBox under solar farm panels, we can also boost efficiency and yield.

Enormous Flexibility

The SHUBox works across multiple applications, locations, terrains and countries. It’s compact (about the size of a standard shipping container), modular (you can keep adding to it) and mobile (all elements can be flown in by helicopter where no road access exists).

Cost-effective, large-scale solutions can be tailored for national, state and regional governments, power utilities and industry; stand-alone microgrid power for poor and remote communities; waste- and ground-heat options for business parks, co-operatives, agriculture, resorts, airports, hospitals, schools and colleges.

Breakthrough Heat To Power

We believe we are breaking new ground. While existing geothermal installations require deep drilling and extreme heat, our world-leading micro-geothermal techniques use shallow depth drilling and low heat levels.

We also use minimally invasive techniques to tap into the earth’s natural heat resources. Our mission is to create a network of interconnected global microgrids and heat farms creating 24-hour clean energy. Using a diversity of heat sources in a diversity of communities, the possibilities are endless.



Just as the internet connects computers which can stand alone if necessary, a microgrid environment enables individual buildings – such as a hospital – or whole communities to be energy self-sufficient.

We believe our distributed microgrid low-enthalpic solutions will revolutionise the geothermal industry. We call it micro-geothermal.

Greenstorc technology combined with solar generates electricity 24 hours a day – even after the sun goes down.

We have enormous capacity to improve biomass and biogas efficiency in small agrotech farms across large swathes of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Boost power plant efficiency

Utility-scale plants are part of our long-term future, but their use of cooling towers and ponds is hugely inefficient. ORC add-ons change that, using heat already generated to create clean, 24-hour energy.

Global industry generates heat and wastes it by releasing it into the atmosphere or water supply. We use this heat to create clean, constant energy.