Why Us

Serving Communities

Greenstorc aims to bring affordable green energy to all – 24 hours a day. We want to power up communities which have never before had access to electricity. Greenstorc itself is a global community with the highest standards of integrity, service and commitment to a fair deal.

We also believe in power being made where it is used, where this is possible. We seek to eliminate waste, recycle resources and work towards eliminating global carbon emissions.

Promoting Self-Reliance

While our mission is to make money, we also want to leave communities in better shape than we found them. This means making a genuine difference.

We won’t be extractors, takers or users. Instead, we offer communities of every size, setting and culture the chance to take control of their own future through a range of green microgrid and grid-connected solutions

Building Partnerships

Greenstorc enjoys strong partnerships with industrial leaders and companies at the top of their game. We want to go on building industry, business, national, regional and global relationships to ensure we too stay at the top of our game.

We are always seeking new partners who share our dedication to sustainable global growth, transfer of knowledge and expertise, and helping communities help themselves.

Boosting Renewables

Greenstorc is part of a worldwide web of renewable energies. We applaud the full range of green, sustainable power solutions. We are not the entire answer but rather a crucial piece of the puzzle – a piece which has been missing so far.

This piece supplies zero emissions energy 24 hours a day, pretty much anywhere in the world, using flexible heat sources. Our technology can, for instance, boost the efficiency of solar farms while powering up production at biomass and biogas plants.

By taking the very best existing technology, we’ve built on its strengths and created something entirely new – our Smart Heat Unit or SHUBox.

Our solution has emerged from a long, painstaking process of trial and error, refinements, pushing the envelope – then heading back to the drawing board and doing it again.

Our team is proudly international, and committed to remaining so. Crossing borders in every sense, we are dedicated to strong, cost-effective, sustainable energy development – wherever we happen to go.