ORC Reinvented

The ORC in Greenstorc

ORC is the proven, century-old core of our innovative green energy solution. By taking the very best existing technology, we’ve built on its strengths and created something entirely new – our Smart Heat Unit or SHUBox.

  • The first Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engine was built in 1904.
  • Traditional ORC engines use a turbine to generate power from heat sources.
  • Our modular, ORC-based 100KW SHUBox offers unprecedented high efficiency and low enthalpy.
  • It’s a renewable steam engine generating power 24/7 – no batteries, no stoppages, no pollution.

Heat to Power Reinvented

Unlike traditional ORC, our system creates clean, continuous power not just from industrial heat sources but from the earth itself. We don’t need heavy geothermal infrastructure and deep drilling to do this. A uniquely shallow, easy-to-access geothermal probe field yields incredible results.

  • The SHUBox is installed on-site.
  • We connect it to ground-source heat probes and a regular heat pump system.
  • The SHUBox extracts enough heat from the ground to evaporate a tailored refrigerant to steam.
  • This moves a turbine and creates green, constant electricity.

Combined Heat And Power Solutions

The Greenstorc Smart Heat Unit (SHUBox) is a highly engineered low enthalpy binary ORC engine designed to operate from as low as 50C. This is currently a world leading efficiency. We can now create highly affordable, low carbon electricity from industrial waste heat recovery and Combined Heat and Power solutions (CHP).

Both modular and scalable, the SHUBox can be grouped into heat farms to suit a wide range of potential customers and applications. Around 2.7 GW of ORC solutions is currently installed worldwide. ORC technology was used in deep geothermal during the 1920s and adapted for industrial heat capture in the 1970s.

The Resurgence of ORC

ORC is experiencing a global resurgence as companies realise its true value in an age beyond fossil fuels.

Over the last few years, the ground source heat pump market has rapidly expanded. This has significantly driven down costs and increased the efficiency of heat extraction from the ground. We expect to see continued progress in low heat ORC applications beyond 2020 as the technology continues to advance.

Remember the rapid Millennial growth of wind farms? The solar boom which followed? Then look out – ORC is on the march.

Greenstorc aims to bring affordable green energy to all – 24 hours a day. We want to power up communities which have never before had access to electricity.

Anyone can dream about a world with enough clean energy for all. Without expertise, outstanding tech and years of hard graft, however, we knew we couldn’t achieve it.

Our team is proudly international, and committed to remaining so. Crossing borders in every sense, we are dedicated to strong, cost-effective, sustainable energy development – wherever we go.