Empowering Communities 1MW At A Time

Greenstorc creates clean energy from any heat source. Our technology is a viable alternative to dirty fossil fuels, variable wind and solar, and costly traditional geothermal energy. It generates 24-hour electricity at affordable prices pretty much anywhere in the world – no batteries required.



Our SHUBox significantly boosts the efficiency of steam engine technology. Using our proprietary fluid, we made the process – known as ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) – better by generating energy at lower temperatures. Now we can address the global energy challenges of flexibility, accessibility, durability, and cost. That’s a powerful reason why Greenstorc will play a big part in our renewable energy future.

The next wave in clean energy

While Greenstorc is constituted for maximum social impact, we wholeheartedly embrace profit. This gives emerging economies a funding and deployment model which overcomes their barriers to generating energy everyone can afford, and advanced countries a pathway to a reliable renewable energy future.

We’re privately funded with no shareholders, and we have extraordinary scope to address today’s challenge of increasing energy production, reducing carbon pollution and boosting economic opportunities.

Almost half the world’s population has no access to 24-hour electricity. Yet only four out of 38 clean energy technologies are currently on track to meet long-term climate, access and pollution targets. We’re ready to help fill the gap.