A Revolution In Our Renewable Energy Future

Paul Flynn announcement

A Revolution In Our Renewable Energy Future

Important announcement from Greenstorc’s CEO, Paul Flynn

Greenstorc loves breaking new ground, and so does ICO crowdsourcing platform Das33 – which uses blockchain technology to tokenize contracts in an immutable digital format.

Offering early-stage companies like ours the resources we need to get great things done, Das33 has taken tokenomics to an exceedingly smart level. This gives us the chance to access the support that we need to grow our enterprise.

It’s all innovation from here! Greenstorc is delighted to be the first company to feature on the Das33 ICO platform. We are also excited to plan and develop our resource strategy with such an innovative and socially-minded company.

Working closely for over a year now, our respective teams have developed the unique STORC token. Why unique? The STORC token triggers premiums when Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are reached. How many other tokens do that?

How it works

Those who participate in the Das33 participation rounds enter into a ‘smart contract’ with the STORC token, which provides rewards as key delivery milestones are achieved. This opportunity-for-reward is delivered through Greenstorc’s carefully defined KPI system, allowing those who have secured this ‘new generation’ token to receive a premium every time Greenstorc delivers a measured, positive result.

In the case of the STORC token, the KPI is a one-off premium for every one megawatt of power production capacity installed. So, you can see the extraordinary potential offered by a disruptive clean energy company now poised to tap into a massive heat to power global market.

``Greenstorc values the blockchain community because a KPI-driven participation model emphasises growth over bottom line profit instead of a traditional shareholder-centric profit model. This allows us to eventually focus on turning the lights on in Africa – one Megawatt at a time.`` - Paul Flynn, Greenstorc CEO.

Next generation Das33 crowdsourcing: Smart thinking, smart  token, smart contract

The Storc.io pre-sale round on the Das33 platform was launched on 7 September. We reached the target of €1.5 million in just 60 hours, and much of our initial support has been pledged in DasCoin, an exciting cryptocurrency that is seen by its early adopters as being the next step in the evolution of exchange of value.

With solid initial participation levels, and interest growing rapidly not only within the crypto community, but also the general public, we are now powering ahead with the scheduled rounds in confidence, clearly focused on the ultimate goal – to raise €5 million in participation in the coming weeks. Once we achieve this, the world awaits!

With resources to hand, we can roll out our intensively tested German technology globally for the benefit of millions. As a well-resourced heat-to-power company offering outstanding renewable energy systems, the door is open to cleverly customised solutions which deliver energy to the poorest, most remote communities deprived of electricity; as efficiently and cost-effectively as it does to the largest urban conurbations and industries looking for a clean, viable alternative to fossil fuels.


Our Concept Overview of the project STORC is a new generation of crowdsourcing project built around converting ground heat to electricity. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, but our Earth keeps its temperature 24/7.

Das33 rewards smart companies and smart investors

Das33 uses blockchain technology to deliver tokenized smart contracts. ‘Premium tokens’ are issued by the chain authority on the DasCoin Blockchain.

We’re pretty excited that, after extensive evaluation and project review, Das33 chose STORC to be its inaugural crowdsourcing project. And we are proud to be seen by them as a great opportunity to present to its global community.

Now we want to use this privileged position to show the world what we can provide in terms of clean, constant, reliable energy – generated 24 hours a day, every day, anywhere on earth, using multiple sources of heat.

It starts with the Das33 “Premium Token”. We believe it ends with a genuine solution to the world’s primary challenges – climate change, fossil fuel and diesel pollution, soaring energy costs and lack of access to any kind of electricity, whether on-grid or off-grid, for so many millions worldwide.

We would like to thank all the supporters, contributors and hard working people in this project for their endless support.

Our Journey So Far

Our Industry

The global renewable energy industry is bursting with possibilities but beset with problems. Only four out of 38 clean energy technologies are currently on track to meet long-term climate, access and pollution targets worldwide, according to International Energy Agency figures.

Our Company

That’s why Greenstorc technology is so critical for the health and wealth of communities scattered across the globe. It has taken years of input, refinement and hard work to get this far. After all this, we have emerged with a smart installation which is mobile, flexible and truly cost-effective – capable of creating clean, continuous energy from a staggering range of heat sources.

Our Challenge

In our quest for next generation heat-to-power, we’ve faced our fair share of challenges. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology have been around for ages. Who made us think we could take it to the next level of efficiency, affordability and versatility?

Our Solution

Johannes Bergsch did. He’s our secret weapon (as well as our Chairman). He’s also a frighteningly smart heat engineer. What Johannes doesn’t know about heat-to-power isn’t worth knowing.

When we got together, we knew the answer lay beneath our feet. We just needed a way to unlock it. Imagine the untold potential for renewable applications if we could mine the heat held beneath the surface of the earth . . . clean energy from dirt, indeed.

Our Technology

That’s why Johannes toiled away until he perfected the Greenstorc Smart Heat Unit (SHUBox). This easily scalable installation taps the earth’s abundant heat at exceptionally low depths – and turns it into 24-hour, zero emissions energy at ground-breaking low temperatures.

The current, verified capabilities of the box can extend to several applications, such as:

  • Waste heat from industry and agriculture
  • Enhanced Geothermal Systems
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP, Cogeneration)

In addition to this, the following applications are coming soon:

  • Biomass plants
  • Concentrated solar (CSP)
  • Solar PV cooling

Already meeting the most stringent German industrial standards, the SHUBox is close to scaling its final hurdles in terms of performance and efficiency.

Our Roadmap and Milestones

Now we have a series of benchmarks and goals stretching ahead of us. It’s perhaps the most exciting stage of our journey so far and it’s loaded with possibility. But it all starts with careful steps.

We aim to begin construction of full heat farm facilities for our first commercial project in Sonsbeck later in the year. Early in 2019 we start rolling out in other countries. Then it’s a question of steady, productive global expansion . . . watch this space!


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