Greenstorc creates clean energy from any heat source. Our disruptive heat-to-power energy solution brings constant, affordable, renewable power to everyone.


It produces 24-hour energy from the shallow ground beneath your feet, pretty much anywhere in the world – no batteries required. Greenstorc technology also harvests waste heat from industry and agriculture to generate zero emissions electricity.


Our system boosts efficiency in two ways.


First, it allows businesses to capture discarded heat and turn it into power. Second, we’ve made a century-old process known as ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) significantly better by generating power at lower temperatures.


Our patented system meets virtually every challenge in terms of flexibility, accessibility, durability, and cost.


Meadow Wealth raises €1 million, with another €1.5 million pledged, for the expansion of Greenstorc power generation assets and manufacturing capacity.



Greenstorc is proud to announce that it will be the very first project featured on Das33 — an innovative crowdsourcing platform that uses blockchain technology to deliver tokenized smart contracts. This represents an ideal opportunity for us to gather the resources needed to realize our vision — and deliver rewards to everyone who participates in our growth story.

In return for supporting the Greenstorc project, participants will receive “premium tokens” that are issued by the chain authority on the DasCoin Blockchain. This new type of token represents a smart contract that rewards a premium to the token holder based on the achievement of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) — in our case, the KPI is a megawatt of power production.



We believe everyone should have access to clean, affordable electricity. Our technology works as effectively for those in remote areas and developing countries as it does for industry, cities and suburban communities.

Only four out of 38 clean energy technologies are currently on track to meet long-term climate, access and pollution targets worldwide, according to International Energy Agency figures. Enter Greenstorc. We can create clean energy from any heat source, anywhere in the world. And we’re ready to help fill the gap.

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Technological Innovation

The global diesel generator market will be worth US$115.1 billion by 2022. Our ground-heat microgrids can replace diesel in remote areas of Africa, Asia, Central/South America, Australia and the South Pacific.


Breakthrough Heat to Power

We integrate Combined Heat and Power (CHP) with advanced Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology. Then we turn a vast range of industrial and agricultural waste heat into clean, cost-effective energy.


Energy For All

Everyone can benefit from our literally ground-breaking system. We can customise a clean energy solution for the largest first-world conglomerate and the smallest, remotest, poorest community in an emerging nation.


Global industry generates heat and wastes it by releasing it into the atmosphere or water supply. We use this heat to create clean, constant energy.

We believe our distributed microgrid low-enthalpic solutions will revolutionise the geothermal industry. We call it micro-geothermal.

Greenstorc technology combined with solar generates electricity 24 hours a day – even after the sun goes down.

We have enormous capacity to improve biomass and biogas efficiency in small agrotech farms across large swathes of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

In the UK community energy space, we partner with Real Towns – experts in placemaking technology solutions for towns, BIDs and communities.

Many places in Africa and Asia are literally being buried in their own refuse. Small ORC plants burn food waste, rubbish and sewerage to create energy.

Boost power plant efficiency

Utility-scale plants are part of our long-term future, but their use of cooling towers and ponds is hugely inefficient. ORC add-ons change that, using heat already generated to create clean, 24-hour energy.


Just as the internet connects computers which can stand alone if necessary, a microgrid environment enables individual buildings – such as a hospital – or whole communities to be energy self-sufficient.

Community water

A major problem facing much of the world is how to pump water to the earth’s surface from the groundwater sources below. We have a unique, shallow geothermal solution.