Meadow Group Backs Greenstorc Growth

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Meadow Group Backs Greenstorc Growth

We are delighted to embark on the next stage of the Greenstorc journey – thanks to the amazing work of the Meadow Group.

Using Renewable Energy Loan Notes, £1 million has already been raised – with another £1.5 million pledged for manufacturing capacity expansion.

It’s exactly what we need to build a solid manufacturing and asset base for Greenstorc technology, starting with our first dedicated plant in Sonsbeck, Germany.

We will continue to work intensively with the Meadow Group along with our other supporters – the Crowdsourcing platform DAS33 and regulated partners Bluewater Capital and Rotthege Wasserman.

From this resilient foundation, we can expand our manufacturing and deployment capacity with a key focus on sustainable development.

We grow into our role as a revenue-generating heat-to-power company offering green sustainable technologies where they are needed most.

First step – feasibility

The Meadow Group’s raise of £1 million happened in a matter of weeks. This followed an initial seed investment earmarked for site preparation, feasibility study and installation of a 25kWp testing device at our Sonsbeck site.

Feasibility results are now in – and they’re all positive. Our chosen site has optimum conditions for a shallow geothermal ORC installation. Soil has good thermal conductivity. And the high groundwater table has strong, stable flow rate and a temperature of 14.3C.

In a nutshell, we’ve found a sustainable supply of geothermal heat that will enable us to create clean, constant, affordable energy.

We do this by marrying two types of technology:

  • ORC heat-to-power technology.
  • Renewable heat technology in the form of our enhanced geothermal system. 

Oh, and we can export it to the grid for 20 years at a tariff of (euro) 0.252kWh.

We’re pretty happy about that.

Second step – locking in

Next, we install a geothermal heat exchange system and connect it to our 25kWp unit – the final stage of the feasibility process.

At this point, the installation will be connected to the grid and already generating revenue. Critically, it will also lock in all activity permits until 2038. Armed with the crucial data we need to calibrate our standard 100kWp units – the core of our power generation – we can move ahead with confidence.

Completion of the 25kWp installation at Sonsbeck is now only weeks away, placing us slightly ahead of schedule. Which is where we always aim to be.

Third step – scaling up and bedding down

So, what’s next? We establish between two and four 100kWp units on the Sonsbeck site. Each will connect to the grid and produce an income in its own right, ensuring a return on further Meadow Group investment.

Analysis of live data from our 25kWp installation will contribute to optimum unit deployment.

These grouped 100kWp units will then create an essential, data-driven blueprint to help us build a complete 10MWp Greenstorc heat farm.

This breakthrough development will be financed via a series of loan notes offered exclusively by the Meadow Group.

Once data from the 100kWp cluster of units comes in, we can power ahead with manufacturing, deployment and system integration of our renewable heat to power devices. All permits are already in place.

This will take a few months to achieve. But they’ll hardly be wasted. We’ll use the time to streamline our supply and manufacturing process – ready for full heat farm deployment

Paul Flynn in Africa
Me with the Kenya State Department of Energy Permanent Secretary, Dr Jospeh Njoroge.

Growth to 2019 and beyond

Along with £1 million raised by the Meadow Group for assets, DAS33 has raised €1.5 million for Greenstorc’s operational activities and market expansion.

These impressive organisations – along with Bluewater Capital and Rotthege Wasserman – will help us develop our manufacturing and deployment capabilities to achieve sustainable global growth.

The four organisations will act as investor trustees and monitors to ensure we meet our twin targets – sustainable growth and investor returns.

And there’s more to come. The Meadow Group has launched the first of 10 £5-million loan notes. These will finance our 10MWp German installation.

Meanwhile, Das33 will support market expansion throughout Germany to extend our project pipeline. Not forgetting two pending 5MWp projects in Kenya and Australia respectively.

Keeping it real

In conclusion, the future looks . . . green.

Yet a truly green future depends on getting everything right.

It starts with support from outstanding companies; depends on absolute quality assurance; then culminates in a new generation of green sustainable technologies set to enrich the lives of struggling communities worldwide.

Which all leads me back to the most important statement of all:

Thank you very much for your support.

Paul Flynn, Greenstorc CEO.


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