Paul Flynn: A Man For All Nations

Paul Flynn taikes on the world

Paul Flynn: A Man For All Nations

Meet Paul, founding partner and CEO of Greenstorc Ltd. He’s on a mission to bring 24-hour renewable energy to global communities, striking the critical balance between profit and social impact. It’s hard yards. Yet he always has time to discuss the things that matter – with the people who matter.

Our CEO is multi-lingual and respectful of cultural difference. Yet he believes the strengths that unite us outweigh the concerns that divide us. Paul makes you feel at home, whatever the differences. He also has the cut-through factor. He knows you can’t build nuanced and enduring business relationships if you’re bobbing around in a sea of bureaucracy.

Committed to change

His disarming manner is backed by razor-sharp business acumen, extensive knowledge of global financial and energy markets, constant curiosity about his fellow humans and unswerving pursuit of ambitious sustainable development goals.

Paul wants to change the lives of people deprived of electricity and forced to rely on expensive, polluting and dangerous alternatives. It’s a promise he made, at the age of 15, to his grandmother who still lives in Uganda – one he can’t forget.

As our man for all nations, no-one can hold him back. He wants to understand the challenges, find the opportunities and deliver sustainable energy solutions to every curve of the globe.


Paul Flynn in Jordan
Paul Flynn in Jordan

A story in seven parts

1. Travelling shoes

Paul was born to be a traveller. With Ugandan mother and Irish father, he visited Europe, Africa, Scandinavia, Russia and Asia from a young age.

Growing up in Germany and the Netherlands, Paul spent much of his early working life there. Cutting his teeth in sales, marketing and business development, he worked his way up from IT sales and recruitment through to the complexities of trade, investment and international finance.

2. Calling Germany home

With access to outstanding German technology and energy specialists, Paul found himself drawn to the burgeoning sector of renewable energy.

He joined the German branch of Scottish Development International in 2009 – as the offshore wind sector began its ascendancy. Paul started pushing into new markets. He built a clean energy investment pipeline from Central Europe right through to Scotland, working at the centre of an expanding network of major energy companies and government leaders.


3. African calling

When he visited Kenya to pave the way for a developing oil and gas market, Paul re-established his link with Africa.

It was a defining moment. Oil and gas? Paul had become more interested in the potential of heat-to-power technology. This could create clean energy from the constant, untapped heat beneath our feet. He wanted something more sustainable than damaging fossil fuels for his homeland – a zero-emissions energy supply which everyone could access and afford without polluting their environment.

4. Paul meets Johannes

The answer lay with renowned German heat engineer and entrepreneur Johannes Bergsch. At their first meeting in 2014, Paul discovered Johannes – through his company ReGen – was busy perfecting the renewable solution he’d been looking for.

It was a marriage of minds. Johannes had the outstanding scientific expertise needed to refine the technology, backed by long-standing German industrial heat specialist Meckler GMBH. Paul had become accomplished at nurturing organisations, guiding them through growing pains to find their feet in an international market.

5. Green sustainable technology evolves

This technology also met a very specific need. Wind and solar power were already out there, offering only intermittent energy. Battery storage was and still is an expensive way to provide round-the-clock energy.

The modular technology Johannes had developed – a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and enhanced geothermal solution – offered green 24-hour energy production. Its credentials were rock-solid, based on century-old principles. The traditional Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) steam engine was being repurposed for a new generation of communities desperate to hook up to a clean, reliable and affordable energy alternative.

6. Greenstorc is born

The possibilities were extraordinary. This proprietary system could produce continuous zero emissions energy from a wide variety of heat sources including shallow ground heat, biomass, waste heat from industry and agriculture and the heat produced by solar panel systems.

This was the genesis of Greenstorc – a package of green sustainable technologies built on the ORC foundation.

Paul Flynn & Fisher Lanham at the United Nations
Paul Flynn with Greenstorc Blockchain authority Fisher Lanham.

7. The starting line

Now you’ve reached the beginning rather than the end of the story. And it’s big. So far, Greenstorc has:

  • A funded renewable heat-to-power enterprise with numerous strings to its bow.
  • A global sales, marketing and technical network.
  • Spoken at a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) panel.
  • A dedicated manufacturing base in Sonsbeck, Germany.
  • Installations underway in Germany and in the pipeline in Kenya and Australia.

For the rest? You’ll have to follow our journey where it leads. Feel the power and grow with us.


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