Biogas & ORC

ORC Improves the Process

We have enormous capacity to improve biomass and biogas efficiency in small agrotech farms across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Biogas production plants are relatively straightforward technologies with excellent providers, especially in Germany and Italy. Yet most biogas technology heats water to turn a steam turbine. This is not always very efficient and, even where it is, waste steam is always present and can be harnessed. Biomass direct burn is relatively inefficient in most cases, unless high lignin wood is the main fuel.

Our Unique Approach

Our preferred approach is to digest into methane gas which drives turbines with attached ORC systems to boost efficiency and improve the carbon profile. However, where biomass is available and digesting technology proves too expensive or complex, boilers are interfaced with our ORC technology – making them cleaner and more efficient. We can also help design specialty digester applications for Arundo Donax, Miscanthus (spp.) or Water Hyacinth. These are all top feedstocks along with traditional maize stalks, bamboo, sugarcane, nut husks like coconut, sweet potato vines and many other species.

BIO-Community Solution

Our process achieves 10%-40% more output per facility from the same inputs by using ORC add-on facilities at the design level. We are developing a process for turning invasive weeds and toxic plants into biomass energy and fertiliser. For cities in developing nations dealing with uncontrolled rubbish dumping, the answer is waste to energy. By building small, customised plants with our efficient ORC technologies, we encourage small firms to collect waste, sort it, and bring the various materials for incineration. This creates local jobs and profits, while remaining green and relatively low carbon-emitting.