Orc for Industry

A Missed Opportunity

In both the developing and developed world, industry generates massive amounts of heat – and promptly wastes it by releasing it back into the atmosphere or water supply. While many places are already running out of feasible locations for wind and solar energy, ORC technology is applicable for any trading estate, factory or industrial complex keen to convert wasted heat – and wasted money – into a clean, continuous supply of electricity. Greenstorc's ORC technology provides any industrial company with its own cost-effective heat-to-power energy plant. While ideal industrial sites have flows of hot water at 30C or above, we can work with lower temperatures. Our best solutions involve cooling water from 140°C or less down to 12°C or lower, but we can work with high-pressure water beyond boiling temperature. We have unrivalled capabilities and engineering expertise in industries where clean water has been heated and requires cooling. Steel, aluminium and vegetable canning are prime examples. We can work with many other industries, helping them solve these challenges or protect against explosive steam and other problems.

Suitable for Many Industries

  • Breweries

    Breweries are notorious for generating - and losing - large amounts of heat.

  • Industrial Bakeries

    Industrial bakeries named heat recovery as key concern in 2017.

  • Refineries

    Refineries - especially those with natural gas flame-offs - including sugar, paper and oil refineries.

  • Pulp Mills

    Using medium grade heat in the pulping process.

  • Cement Kilns

    Highly suitable for developing nations.

  • Dairies

    Including pasteurising industries and soft-drink manufacturers.

  • Canneries

    As well as industrial ceramics and tile factories.

  • Car Washes

    Requiring significant heat and steam.

  • Farms

    Poultry producers and piggeries, integrating ORC with biomass.

  • Smelters

    As well as casting firms remelting steel, brass, copper, metals, cast pipes and parts.

  • Data Centres

    Cooling exhaust heat to make new energy.

  • Glass Factories

    Casting glass, bottles, glass construction blocks and similar.

The Next Wave

The Next Wave

Our unique technology and process harnesses the power of steam wherever:

  • Heat is generated and sent up a smoke or heat stack.
  • Hot water is sent to the cooling pond or needs to be cooled.
  • Lower-level industrial processes are carried out at scale.

The Greenstorc system is not a magic bullet solution to all energy problems, but it’s at the vanguard of a new technology wave that will undoubtedly touch every industry in the world over the next 20 years. We think this is probably the most important energy technology to arrive since the wind and solar revolution.