Solar combined with ORC

Hyrbrid Energy

The benefit of Greenstorc technology over solar is that our systems generate electricity 24 hours per day – not just when the sun is shining or good light is present. Yet, we can effectively use photovoltaic (PV) solar as an add-on to our ORC-based systems. We utilise thermal or concentrated solar, with a Fresnel or mirror tube focusing light on a small glass tube – and driving the internal temperatures to hundreds of degrees.

Concentrated Solar

Instead of glycerine, we insert our own proprietary heat exchange fluid into the tubes. These turn ORC machines, not traditional high friction gaseous-turbines. This makes the system much more efficient. In high solar areas, we design so that less than half a hectare of space can generate 50kW with this approach – enough to drive a small hospital with more to spare for storage in batteries, hydrogen or other technologies.