Welcome to Greenstorc

Dr Rolf Schiffer, former CEO of German Geothermal Association

Welcome to Greenstorc

Greenstorc is new, different and very ambitious.

We have to be ambitious to address the extraordinary climate, pollution and energy challenges the world faces today.

Yet our ambition is driven by knowledge, backed by experience and powered by state-of-the-art, German-produced-and-trialled technology which is fresh to the market.

Endorsed by Dr Rolf Schiffer, world-renowned geologist and geothermal authority, our technology and techniques produce a clean, constant source of affordable energy tailored to suit a vast range of sectors, communities and markets worldwide.

“I am enthusiastic about Greenstorc’s focus on shallow geothermal energy solutions. The time is ripe. The technology should be feasible, and the need is for a strong project firm to drive a vast network of microgrid sites globally.” – Dr Rolf Schiffer (pictured above)

Our microgrid and micro-geothermal solutions can power everything and everyone from city centre shopping malls to remote African villages; from airports and hospitals to industrial complexes and trading estates.

Solutions for a changing planet

In future, it will be necessary – and economically compelling – for communities to produce and use power on-site . . . building by building, complex by complex, village by village, community by community.

These expanding sets of microgrids will be constructed to suit the precise requirements of the people who live and work in them, building into Dr Schiffer’s “vast network” of clean, green, 24-hour power plants where excess energy can be fed back into the national grid.

One size no longer fits all in a world where catastrophic climate change and ‘resource wars’ are combining to uproot our traditional energy supplies.

We need the smartest, most efficient and flexible forms of power production to enable communities worldwide to meet their ever-increasing demand for green energy by:

  • Recycling waste heat from industry, using advanced ORC-based heat-to-power technology.
  • Burning mountains of trash, including food waste and sewerage, in small ORC-driven plants.
  • Digesting biofuel into methane gas, which drives turbines with attached ORC systems.
  • Tapping ground heat in any location, creating distributed microgrid low-enthalpic solutions.

Why is the last point important? Because our unique shallow geothermal technology enables us to tap into existing ground heat in pretty much any location – not just the obvious areas of global hot spring and volcanic activity (which we relish).

Powerful technology for powerful communities

Our breakthrough techniques can therefore create constant, zero emissions energy by accessing ground heat:

  • At exceptionally shallow depths.
  • At exceptionally low temperatures.
  • Via modest holes in the ground or deeper geothermal drilling.

Greenstorc calls this micro-geothermal technology, and it’s a whole new ballgame . . . . allowing us to produce clean energy sourced from natural heat in the middle of a city, trading estate, public building or backyard.

Imagine the potential of this in countless scenarios worldwide.

We think it’s a gamechanger, and Dr Rolf Schiffer does too. So explore the website, follow our news and ask us how we can help your organisation, industry or community to produce your own clean, constant energy supply.

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