Our Story

Power From Heat

Anyone can dream about a world with enough clean energy for all. Without expertise, outstanding tech and years of hard graft, though, we knew we couldn’t achieve it. Our solution comes from a long, painstaking process of trial and error, refinements and pushing the envelope. Clean energy needs human energy to power it. Now we embrace disruptive technology which could change the world.

Inventor Johannes Bergsch

For the best part of a decade, physicist entrepreneur Johannes Bergsch has been on a mission. He sold a successful corporate consultancy to pursue his dream. Now he believes Greenstorc can overcome one of the greatest challenges of the 21st-century - generating more electricity while reducing carbon pollution at the same time. ``No job has ever demanded so much of my combined knowledge and experience before,” he says

Meeting of Minds

While our founder Paul Flynn made his mark in international business development, energy became both his speciality and his passion. He earned his stripes in renewable energies including wind and solar as well as East African oil and gas exploration. When Paul met Johannes in 2014, one was looking for a cleantech solution and the other was building it.

Our Partners

ReGen works in partnership with Mackler - a highly respected German engineering and industrial heat specialist. Meckler has been demonstrating industry-leading prowess for more than 65 years. A wealth of Meckler experience has flowed into our technology. This partnership also ensures we consistently meet the highest industrial standards.

Greenstorc Is Born

Greenstorc was finally created in 2017 following years of intensive research and development, with Johannes as Chairman and Paul as Chief Executive Officer. Greenstorc, sister company to ReGen, is devoted to financing and expanding our global team. We now have networks in Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, Australia and the South Pacific.

The Future

In 2018, ReGen and Greenstorc merged to create an umbrella organisation called The International Clean Energy Group (ICE) – with ReGen focussed on R&D and Greenstorc Ltd dedicated to developing the global market. Further partner-inspired breakthroughs have shifted our focus to custom shallow geothermal heat farms.