Our Team

Our team is proudly international, and committed to remaining so. Crossing borders in every sense, we are dedicated to strong, cost-effective, sustainable energy development – wherever we happen to go.

The Greenstorc team is deeply committed to four principles:

  • Profits flowing first to local shareholders.
  • Contributing to society both short and long term, rather than just ‘extracting’.
  • Promoting diversity of staff, partnerships and community projects.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise within communities rather than imposing ideas and structures upon them.
Johannes Bergsch

Johannes is the principal inventor of the patented technology which brings significant advancement in energy recovery from low enthalpy heat sources.

The technology was developed with the support of various universities specialising in physics and thermodynamics in Germany and Spain.

Johannes has also served as a consultant, board member and director of several corporations.

Johannes Bergsch

Chairman & SHUBox Inventor, GERMANY
“Contrary to other technologies, we only need 50 degrees or less heat. The efficiency of our plant is more than 30%. This is a considerably better value than all comparable plants.”
Paul Flynn

Our globe-trotting CEO grew up in Germany. With Irish mother and Ugandan father, he travelled frequently to Africa, Asia and around the world.

Paul gained valuable expertise as Head of Investment in Renewable Energy at Scottish Development International. Here he consulted on trade and investment strategies, also advising businesses on entry to the international market.

With wide experience throughout Germany in sales, marketing, business development, IT and international finance drives his goal is creating green microgrid energy which both powers and empowers the world.

Paul Flynn

Chief Executive Officer, GERMANY
“We can offer 24-hour energy to towns and cities that is as green and low carbon as solar and wind. More efficient generation is the key to a low carbon economy.”
Grahame Newton

After graduating from the University of London in 1978, Grahame began his career in the Oil & Gas industry. He was responsible for several major industry initiatives, including the global rollout of the industry’s first commercial horizontal drilling systems.

In 2007 Grahame was the founding CEO of Greenfield Energy (now ERDA Energy), which developed and introduced innovative technologies for the geothermal heating & cooling market.

“Having been involved in energy and innovation for more than 40 years, Greenstorc’s invitation to assist their continuing development was irresistible.”

Grahame Newton

Advisory Board Chairman, NETHERLANDS
“The Greenstorc story is compelling! I particularly admire the team’s aspiration to make a difference in the developing world, where microgrids could not only transform lives but also unleash amazing potential.”
Ryan Lanham

Entrepreneur and seeker of knowledge, Ryan originates from the US but has worked extensively in the UK and Cayman Islands as well as the United States.

He takes a truly global approach to business and finance, having gleaned his expertise working for Harvard, IBM, Virginia Tech and Bluecrest Capital Management – as, variously, advisor, CEO, director, principal, strategic planner and venture capitalist.

Ryan has worked with Governments, large corporations, educational institutions and business start-ups, acting as consultant for numerous and diverse ventures.

Ryan Lanham

Advisor to the Board, UNITED KINGDOM
“I am passionate about not being an extractor, taker or user – and I believe our advanced heat-to-power technology has extraordinary applications for developing and prosperous communities worldwide.”
Dr. Rolf Schiffer

Rolf has vast experience in the field of GEO consulting, project development and management. He works for public, private and industrial clients.

He also acts as assistant professor, AHO expert of the government in geothermal energy and was Secretary of the German Geothermal Association.

As geothermal energy and market expert, he gives his experience to international infrastructure projects.

Dr. Rolf Schiffer

Micro Geothermal Project Director, GERMANY
“I am enthusiastic about Greenstorc’s focus on shallow geothermal energy solutions. The time is ripe for a strong project firm to drive a vast network of microgrid sites globally.”
Barnim von den Steinen

Barnim has focused on banking and financial supervisory law, and is also expert in preparing and managing the execution of general meetings of stock corporations, structuring and implementing legal entities, transformations, recapitalizations, squeeze-outs, domination agreements and other corporate actions.

Barnim, a partner at Rotthege Wasserman, also brings experience in providing legal advice to board members on compliance, corporate governance and liability questions.

Dr. Barnnim Von Den Steinen

Legal Counsel, GERMANY
Barnim brings substantial expertise to Greenstorc in advising listed companies on corporate and capital markets law, including AIFM regulation.
Dario Broich

Dario brings sound scientific background, critical thinking and a can-do, ground-up approach to his project management.
Brought up in Germany, he studied chemistry at Christian-Albrechts University Kiel (CAU) before undertaking research at the Swiss Light Source project. Now undertaking a Masters degree with his eye on a PhD, Dario has always been passionate about green sustainable technologies.
His Greenstorc role takes him from board room to remote African bush, trouble-shooting and finding creative solutions en route.

Dario Broich Gawrock

Project Manager, GERMANY
“By changing to clean heat-to-power solutions, electricity and everything that solely depends on it will be entirely green and way cheaper.”
Matthew square

With more than 27 years’ experience in broking and business development, Matthew established himself as a leading broker with top London brokerage houses before moving to Athens in 1997.
As head of foreign exchange activities, he then guided Sigma money brokers to become the global benchmark for GRD brokerage. He has acted as business development consultant for numerous global corporations.

Matthew Edwards

Head of Business Development, UNITED KINGDOM
Throughout his career, Matthew has developed and managed key client relationships, maintaining strong relationships with banks, brokerages and private equity firms.
Nigel Brandon-Bravo

Nigel is the consummate entrepreneur. Used to working in demanding environments around the world, he analyses everything – people, capacity, risk, market trends and opportunity.
He has acquired extensive skills in eCommerce business development, financial consultancy, talent management, trading and sales, coaching, mentoring, corporate team-building and project management.
Also Greenstorc’s Commercial Director for the UK, Nigel guides critical financial decision-making and develops heat-to-power opportunities across Britain and Europe.

Nigel Brandon-Bravo

Chief Operating Officer and Commercial Director, UNITED KINGDOM
“Being part of Greenstorc is something I’m immensely proud of. The team is producing life-changing products that will make a huge positive difference to many people, and unlock phenomenal potential around the world.”
Wendy Riley

As journalist, business freelancer and award-winning creative writer, Wendy has covered everything from UK newspapers and movie magazines to digital business content for both non-profit and private organisations.
Now in Melbourne, Wendy undertakes energy research, creates marketing content, edits company documentation and assists with internal communications for Greenstorc.
She also helps identify and develop heat-to-power opportunities in Australia and the South Pacific.

Wendy Riley

Editorial Director, AUSTRALIA
“Australia faces unprecedented challenges from climate change, including heatwaves, drought, bushfires, floods. I believe Greenstorc heat-to-power can help reduce this devastating environmental toll.”
Patrick Briscoe

Pat built a reputation across multiple industries and sectors before joining the Greenstorc team in 2017.

He has worked as journalist, sub-editor, editorial consultant, digital content strategist, marketing director and even landscape designer. His expertise also includes web hosting and IT hardware and software support.

Based in Melbourne, Pat manages Greenstorc’s global marketing while accessing key heat-to-power opportunities in Australia and the South Pacific region.

Patrick Briscoe

Head of Marketing & Commercial Director, AUSTRALIA
“The world is at the crossroads. The big question facing humanity is how to improve our lives while preserving the earth’s beauty and diversity for future generations. Greenstorc can be part of the answer.”