Greenstorc creates innovative, microgrid energy solutions using world-leading technology.


We generate clean, constant, affordable electricity from waste heat that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere or sent to a cooling pond.


Our unique system marries traditional heat-to-power processes with ground-breaking, zero emissions technology which functions at exceptionally low temperatures.


It’s the most agile and advanced energy solution on the market – cost-effective across multiple applications, industries, countries and communities.

Rolf Schiffer

“I am enthusiastic about Greenstorc’s focus on shallow geothermal energy solutions. The time is ripe. ORC technology has reached a tipping point, and the need is for a strong project firm to drive a vast network of microgrid sites globally.”

Dr Rolf Schiffer – Former CEO, German Geothermal Association


This is life-changing – and life-saving – technology, allowing communities in Africa, the Asian Pacific and elsewhere to turn toxic rubbish dumps, industrial emissions and the earth’s abundant natural heat into their own clean, continuous energy supply.

The developed world can tap the unlimited potential of a process allowing industry, government, hospitals, schools and town centres to generate 24-hour, zero emissions power – by mopping up and recycling heat which has already been generated.

Exploding light bulb signalling innovative solutions

Technological Innovation

We’re accessing the potential of vast natural heat sources worldwide in four significant areas of breakthrough research – mid-depth geothermal, shallow geothermal, refined solar storage options and optimised biomass/biogas agritech applications.


Heat to Power

We innovate by integrating Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology with our state-of-the-art Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engine. It’s distributed power generation technology – with zero emissions – for the emerging microgrid economy.


Across Every Sector

From modest trading estates to giant industrial conglomerates, industry can gain outstanding efficiency – alongside shopping villages, public buildings, hospitals, schools, BIDS, town centres and under-served communities in developing nations.


Global industry generates heat and wastes it by releasing it into the atmosphere or water supply. We use this heat to create clean, constant energy.

We believe our distributed microgrid low-enthalpic solutions will revolutionise the geothermal industry. We call it micro-geothermal.

Greenstorc technology combined with solar generates electricity 24 hours a day – even after the sun goes down.

We have enormous capacity to improve biomass and biogas efficiency in small agrotech farms across large swathes of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

In the UK community energy space, we partner with Real Towns – experts in placemaking technology solutions for towns, BIDs and communities.

Many places in Africa and Asia are literally being buried in their own refuse. Small ORC plants burn food waste, rubbish and sewerage to create energy.

Boost power plant efficiency

Utility-scale plants are part of our long-term future, but their use of cooling towers and ponds is hugely inefficient. ORC add-ons change that, using heat already generated to create clean, 24-hour energy.


Just as the internet connects computers which can stand alone if necessary, a microgrid environment enables individual buildings – such as a hospital – or whole communities to be energy self-sufficient.

Community water

A major problem facing much of the world is how to pump water to the earth’s surface from the groundwater sources below. We have a unique, shallow geothermal solution.